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  1. Eric Claeyborn

    Eric Claeyborn

    7 days ago

    If he doesn't want to return to the Packers, then force him to sit out in 2021, then trade him. Gutekunst is only a fake side issue. He's leaving because of his loony girlfriend. If Gutekunst or Murphy were the problems, then why did he sign a 4 yr contract extension recently? It's his crazy woman.

    • Steven M.

      Steven M.

      6 days ago

      I agree, make him sit and pout the year then dump him like the POS he's become. I'm tired of hearing him whine anyways. I'm a lifelong Packers fan, NOT a Rodgers fan.

  2. MrSurferjer


    7 days ago

    Aaron, if he's really serious, should come into camp, and have one phantom injury after another. Announce each on on Sunday morning. They pay him but he doesn't play. That will get them to move him in a hurry.

    • G B

      G B

      7 days ago

      @Eric Claeyborn stop drinking the kool aid 😄

    • MrSurferjer


      7 days ago

      @Eric Claeyborn I don’t know. But that’s the only way they trade him this season IMO.

    • Eric Claeyborn

      Eric Claeyborn

      7 days ago

      Do you think Rodgers would want to hurt his legacy by doing that?

  3. Noble Conforti

    Noble Conforti

    7 days ago

    Let Rodgers sit this week and trade him next year

    • Jeff ,

      Jeff ,

      5 days ago

      He's won't be in green bay at all.

  4. Amahd cole

    Amahd cole

    7 days ago

    Let's see what happens