NBA Insider on the Top Damian Lillard Destinations [KNICKS AND 76ERS FAVORITES] | CBS Sports HQ


  1. humminbird hoopz

    humminbird hoopz

    3 days ago

    Knicks should be BIG-GAME hunting this summer, for example, adding Dame, Kawhi, and a solid vet (like Andre Drummond) to the team. They have the payroll to do it and this opportunity may not happen again. To acquire Dame, the Knicks would give up draft picks and some players (e.g. Julius, Quickly, Nkilikina, and Knox). Knicks could add next year's draft picks in the 1st and 2nd rounds. The Blazers should be happy with that swap. Dame is a game-changer and would open it up for RJ and Obi. Add Dame, Kawhi, and Drummond and their defensive skills to the roster and the Knicks become an instant contender.

  2. Almighty Carrio (sub)

    Almighty Carrio (sub)

    7 days ago

    Lebron haters dnt like dame to lakers

  3. Paul N.

    Paul N.

    7 days ago

    He’s signing back with the Blazers lol.

    • Robert Alston

      Robert Alston

      6 days ago

      He's not a free agent ,he has 4 years left on his contract !""

  4. Elvira Gaslston

    Elvira Gaslston

    7 days ago

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  5. Philly Bred 85

    Philly Bred 85

    8 days ago

    How do y'all know this? Let Damien Lillard say he wants to be traded y'all just talkin. Smh

  6. Keith Gupton

    Keith Gupton

    8 days ago

    Here's a good question. Kevin Durant gets a lot of heat for joining the warriors. If Damion Lillard did join Golden State or the Lakers would you hold it against him?

    • Flightreacts.


      8 days ago

      KD literally joined the opps tho

    • Keith Gupton

      Keith Gupton

      8 days ago

      @Glizzy Mixtapes yes agreed this current warriors team is older and injured.

    • Glizzy Mixtapes

      Glizzy Mixtapes

      8 days ago

      No, Warriors were a 73 win team with three top ten players when Draymond was 2nd in the league with triple doubles, the bench that had a finals MVP and Shaun Livingston and all those elite players, who majority of people believe would’ve won if not for injuries and Draymond being suspended, that’s not the same as joining one team that didn’t make the playoffs and another that didn’t get out the first round