Giannis Says "I Don't Care About Being Popular" in NBA Finals Press Conference | CBS Sports HQ


  1. Dumptruck 0

    Dumptruck 0

    6 days ago

    Now we champs Baby!!!

  2. Chad Watkins

    Chad Watkins

    7 days ago

    That right there made me the best of all time

  3. pancon5


    7 days ago

    9:46 🤣🤣

  4. Brian M

    Brian M

    7 days ago

    Reporter sucking Lebron off real fast.

  5. sTalking Sopranos

    sTalking Sopranos

    7 days ago

  6. sos *

    sos *

    8 days ago

    Drink a lot of water to avoid crampimg

  7. brandonski1


    8 days ago

    Giannis is cute.

  8. lg 1080

    lg 1080

    8 days ago

    Honestly, Giannis is like fuck LeBron at this point… he doesn’t really hate him or anything but there’s this weird aura about him that makes people believe that being buddy buddy with him means you’ve been accepted into a new club or some shit. Ain’t LeBron the same guy who tweeted “3 more to go CP3” after GM1? LeBron not a friend to this guy… if anything he the opps.

    • MS


      8 days ago

      Was thinking this same thing bruh

    • lg 1080

      lg 1080

      8 days ago

      @Corpy Hogan the truth is there is no real beef between them… at least not in the public eye the way Giannis seemed to have with Harden. Because of that, they will speak well of each other when asked about one another. But one thing I know for sure is that Giannis does not see LeBron as a friend. LeBron is a model for others to watch from a distance and admire as a player (as I’m sure Giannis does), but he’s also very Hollywood and also very passive aggressive. LeBron is very cliquey and has his band of NBA brothers including some HOFers who he considers very close and the one thing they all have in common… is they lowkey defer to him. Giannis isn’t having any of that. Whether he admires LeBron or not, he’s not giving in to that dynamic because more often than not if you become close to LeBron in any way… that is bound to happen. A more accurate way to put it is that Giannis has always wanted to keep his distance from LeBron.

    • Corpy Hogan

      Corpy Hogan

      8 days ago

      Giannis literally stated publicly how much he admires Lebron just a few months Ago 😂 like seriously it’s in a press conference and all. And as for Lebron he’s publicly praised Giannis as well

  9. The ManDragon

    The ManDragon

    8 days ago

    Crazy how his English has improved

  10. The1stFishBone


    8 days ago

    Win or lose Giannis is a Champion.

  11. linda kalu

    linda kalu

    8 days ago


  12. Nick Anderson

    Nick Anderson

    8 days ago

    Suns are winning in 7

    • Tavis Banks

      Tavis Banks

      8 days ago


    • kat d

      kat d

      8 days ago


  13. tucomtyler


    8 days ago

    5:38 To save people the time

  14. Gelacio Perenzuela

    Gelacio Perenzuela

    8 days ago

    Gianni You have You ring bro yes You have .i sorry about PC3 is cool player .

  15. Gelacio Perenzuela

    Gelacio Perenzuela

    8 days ago

    Gianni is more Atleta the LEBRON uff more more .no bire can toke about MJ .no cuestion MJ the Best all Historia NBA.

  16. Jason Smith

    Jason Smith

    8 days ago

    Make this a 7 game series Phoenix

    • Malique Harvey

      Malique Harvey

      7 days ago

      @Gelacio Perenzuela G

    • Ryan de Real

      Ryan de Real

      7 days ago

      It could be, but Game 6 at bucks homecourt, I doubt?

    • Gelacio Perenzuela

      Gelacio Perenzuela

      8 days ago

      In 6 Game is over is over Buck New Champion.

  17. ItsCodys526


    8 days ago

    I like to get these notifications "someone liked your comment' and "someone subbed to you"..

  18. Buom tut

    Buom tut

    8 days ago

    I love how humble and respectful giannis is he could've said the bucks have one game left but he said they got 2 games left 0:45 that just shows he knows how good of a team the suns are and knows winning a championship is hard